Homes For Children, based in Montreal, is looking for loving foster homes for these First Nations children:

Robert is an alert and husky seven-month-old Native child. He has expressive eyes and his smile lights up his face. Robert’s mother used alcohol and drugs during pregnancy but he is developing normally. Robert is a good eater, catnaps twice a day and sleeps through the night.

Robert has a good disposition and wakes up in a good mood. He loves to jump in his rocker-jumper. Robert will need placement for two years and may become adoptable. Foster parents should be aware that there is a history of mental illness in Robert’s family. A foster home in the Montreal area or up north is needed.

Sarah is a very healthy and alert seven-month-old Inuit baby. She is teething and with her easy smile displays her first tooth. She has just begun to crawl and gets frustrated when she can’t move as fast as she’d like. She is basically a very happy child who is very satisfying to parent. An Inuit or Native home is being sought for at least seven months— this may become a long-term placement. Foster parents must be accepting of Sara’s mother visiting weekly.

Please call Homes for Children if you would like more info: (514) 937-9581.