Nine-year-old Sarah and seven-year-old Sophie are Cree siblings who are in need of a respite foster home, one weekend a month, i.e. from Friday evening to Sunday evening. The siblings are very close, and play well together. Sarah is affectionate and shows it.

Sarah is very protective of Sophie who is followed very closely by the Montreal Children’s Hospital, for a medical condition, which makes it necessary for her to be on a special diet and her fluid intake restricted. Caring for Sophie can be challenging, as she needs to be watched, to ensure she does not drink excessively. Sometimes, she gets up at night and will often drink water since her parents are in bed sleeping. Despite her medical condition she is remarkably full of life. Also, she is able to receive and show affection.

Ideally they require a two-parent Cree family; however, a single-parent family would be acceptable. Both Sarah and Sophie like being around other children

thus a family with children in the same age group would be well appreciated.

For more information about the siblings, call Batshaw Homes for Children at 514-932-7161, local 1179, and ask for Ms Garnett Forbes.