Homes for Children, based in Montreal, is looking for loving foster homes for these First Nations children:

Jerry is a two-and-a-half-year-old Inuit baby. At birth, there were medical and developmental concerns since he had been exposed to drugs and alcohol during his mother’s pregnancy. A regime of therapeutic exercises had been followed, and he is a normal, bright, active and curious boy. Jerry’s parents are involved and foster parents will need to be accepting of their visits. Jerry needs warm, caring foster parents who are able to make a long-term commitment should Jerry not be able to return to his parents. A Montreal-area foster home is required.

Ronny and Rhona are 10-month-old Inuit twins who need long-term foster parents, preferably non-smokers due to medical issues, who could adopt them if this becomes possible. The mother used alcohol during pregnancy and possibly drugs. Rhona is content and developing slowly. She sits, is responsive, babbles and smiles, and is sleeping through the night. Ronny was initially quite irritable but has

calmed down considerably. He’s starting to crawl with assistance and usually sleeps through the night. Both twins require regular medical follow-up.

Mark, a five-and-a-half-year-old Montagnais boy, is in a white foster home. Weekend foster parents of First Nations are being sought to very slowly begin involvement, cluminating in weekend fostering. First Nations foster parents are vital to connect this boy with his culture and heritage. The natural mother is somewhat involved and foster parents would have to be accepting of this. The child has had more than 10 placements and so has had many losses.

Please call Homes for Children if you would like more information: (514) 937-9581.