David Ahenakew, the outspoken former leader of the Assembly of First Nations, has been found guilty of promoting hatred after anti-Semitic comments landed him in hot water recently.

Ahenakew, 71, was fined $ 1,000 July 7 and proceeded to berate the justice system. “First Nations people have never received a fair trial in Canada’s judicial system. The jails of our country are full of our people. My case was as much about racism against First Nations as it was about alleged racism against the Jewish community,” said Ahenakew.

A sample of a few of the many comments that resulted in charges against Ahenakew included calling Jews a “disease” and expressing support for Hitler and the fact that he “fried” six million of them during the Second World War.

The comments were made while speaking to Saskatoon StarPhoenix reporter James Parker two and a half years ago.

Ahenkew has also been informed by a letter from the Governor General’s office that the Order of Canada bestowed upon him in 1978 has been revoked, barring any contestation on his part.