Nature Canada EntryA Mistissini photographer recently finished as a finalist in a national photo contest.

Brendan Forward’s engaging image of a fog bank looming over Lake Mistissini with the community in the background made it through to the final stages of the judging in Nature Canada’s annual photo competition.

Forward was camping at the time. He woke up early, set up his gear, and captured the lake at a beautiful moment. “I was at the right place at the right time,” he says.

Forward, who works as a communications officer for Cree Human Resources Development, has been taking photos for around a year.

He is passionate about astronomy, and began taking photos of the sky, stars and planets.

But that’s all changed. He entered the competition on a whim, and says it has encouraged him to stretch out his artistic chops.

“To become a finalist is motivating. I feel encouraged to work on different projects,” said Forward.

The prestigious competition is in its 75th year. To see the winning shot and other runners up, go to: