The Music from the Legends Project

I Am An Eagle

Various Artists

First Nations Music

(P. O. Box 1180, 16 Fifth Ave.,

Sioux Lookout, Ont. P8T1B7)

Move on over and crank up that sound. This album has something for everyone. Soul, blues, country, country rock and a native pride you just can’t hide. Native music is getting so hot and a lot of fire seems to be happening at First Nations Music. Must be a sweatbox if this latest offering is any example.

The start is the big PowWow drum and is slightly reminiscent of Willie Dunn for just a few seconds. Then a female voice with a country attitude sings, “I am an Eagle,” and we’re off and running.

“Ashtum,” the second song, is a relaxing instrumental ride. “Midnight Strongheart” picks up the pace nicely. Lawrence (Wapistan) Martin’s great writing is evident in the guitar riffs.

In the middle, a mix of traditional flute and chanting is intermixed beautifully with modem-day music in a way that must be heard to truly appreciate. If only for this song, buy the album, but I know it won’t be just for this song. There are so many good ones.

“Thunder Warrior” looks at the victory over Custer. It gives meaning to the phrase, “It’s a good day to die.”

“Medewin Kwe” is a song that’s almost a prayer to a daughter sung in the Oddawa tongue. “Indian Giver” is sung by one of my favourite native artists—Murray Porter. This boy just gets better even when I play the same songs over and over. Fora song that’s in unity and harmony with your feelings, just press play.

If you’ve got that gospel bent, listen to it in Cree as Wapistan sings, “Oo-Wa Gitchi Manitou.” The fiddle gives it that old-time feeling that’s sure to bring back a few memories and rekindle that relationship with the Great Spirit.

The last song on the album talks about the seven generations. Seven generations of surviving European contact is what we as native people represent. The song talks about our relationship with “the Spirit of Light,” and says, “Truth is all that we need.”

In truth, you can demand this album in your local store if it isn’t already there!