While the federal government has cut off permanent funding to Regina’s First Nations University amidst a major funding scandal this past winter, their cash injection to save the academic year for the students attending the school may not be enough.

Though Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs has put up an additional $3 million to cover the costs for students to finish their academic year until August 31, the funding comes with strings attached.

According to documentation acquired by the Globe and Mail, the school requires an additional $5-$7-million to provide orderly severance of faculty and staff. Without these dollars the school could go into receivership.

The funds provided by INAC cannot go to any variety of debt payment or to severances.

Without new funding, the country’s only Aboriginal-run university faces the prospect of major lay-offs and possible closure of campuses.

Federal funding for the university was cut off in February amid allegations of financial mismanagement by the university’s administration.