Cree hunter Mervin Erless was in his blind on Thursday, April 11, at 12:34 p.m., presumably finishing the lunch his wife or girlfriend packed for him, at Grasset Lake, South of Waskaganish waiting for a flock to fly by. Suddenly, flying right towards him was the goose about to become the First Goose Killed in Cree territory! Erless took aim, and squeezed the trigger. The goose fell with a thud and the rest of the flock took off north towards Eastmain. Approximately one hour later, Norman Gilpin of Eastmain, still hopeful of capturing this year’s title, killed the second goose at 1:45 p.m. at Sheep River, 22 km south of the community. Gilpin came close but was robbed by Mervin Erless of Waskaganish. Were they from the same flock? We can only guess.

Below is this year’s tally: According to Glenn Wapachee, Robert Shecapio Blacksmith reported a 10 a.m. kill on April 14 at Lake Opataca while Wesley Mianscum shot one on the same day at 4 p.m. at Lake Gwillam.

Sam Cheezo tells us that Nemaska’s Jeremiah Tanoush shot and killed one on the 17*. Sam claims he killed the second for Nemaska on the 20*, near the Pontax River north of the community.

Joe Mianscum of Mistissini shot one the “week of the 17*” according to CINI FM’s intrepid reporter Jimmy Iserhoff. Will Nicholls insists that someone from his family usually gets the first goose. But so far he hasn’t been able to prove it. Waswanipi’s Jackie Gull didn’t have to travel far when he shot a goose just down by Waswanipi River on April 17.

Samson Shem was at Lake Malecot early April 18 when he shot Whapmagoostui’s first goose.

Wemindji’s first goose was killed by Thomas Mark on km 22 of the Wemindji highway on April 22.

Waskaganish-bom Chisasibi resident Robert Salt also shot a goose on Fort George Island on April 22.

Enjoy the hunt and the feasting, folks. Send in your tales from the blind. And to those of you who throw away the goose wings, stop it. Send them frozen to the people who eat them. Thanks.