Emmanuel Blacksmith is now awaiting trial by jury after renouncing his right to a preliminary inquiry April 14.

Blacksmith, 21, was charged May 21 with the second-degree murder of 48-year-old Mario Fortin of Chicoutimi after the man was found stabbed outside a bar at the EM-1 hydroelectric project.

“His file has been added to the list that is awaiting dates for a jury trial,” said Christian Leblanc, the Crown Prosecutor on the case. “There is a possibility that a settlement will be made before it gets to trial, but I cannot say that for sure.”

Leblanc said that in many cases when a person renounces their right to a preliminary inquiry, it’s an indication that a deal might be worked out with the Crown.

Blacksmith broke two of his conditions for release in late March. He violated his curfew by being in Waswanipi after 11 pm, and police also caught him with alcohol on his breath. Because of these two breaches, he went to jail for a week and a half until his most recent court appearance.

He could wait up to a year for a trial date. In the meantime he has been released to his parents under strict conditions. Despite the serious charges against him, he is not considered a risk to the community.