Bishop’s College School is a culturally diverse, bilingual, independent boarding and day school for grades seven through 12. Located in Lennoxville, Quebec, the school is now home to Alex and Vincent MacDonald.

Last year, Austin Downs, a youth conselor with the James Bay Eeyou School in Chisasibi, introduced several high school students to Bishop’s in hopes of showcasing the athleticism of the youth. Upon returning, Downs asked Sandra Webb, the boy’s mother, if Alex and Vincent would take the entrance exam which they did.

The brothers were among four out of 20 who were chosen to attend Bishop’s, which prides itself on putting education first. The boys have to play a sport every season as well as maintain their academic responsibilities. Webb says, “They were told right from the very beginning that education came first and that they wouldn’t be allowed to attend any extracurricular activities if their grades were not up to par.”

Alex, 16, plays basketball while Vincent, 13, plays hockey. The coach of the hockey team is former Montreal Canadiens player Stéphan Lebeau, who played with the Habs from 1989 to 1994.

The Cree School Board (CSB) has made it possible for Alex and Vincent to go to Bishop’s and Webb says they really love it there. The CSB pays 75% of the tuition if a youth is accepted at a school located out of town. Alex is heading for graduation this year if he keeps to his studies. “So far so good,” says Webb. “I’m very impressed.”

Alex says he wants to remain at Bishop’s and do Grade 12 and then head off to university. Vincent is also staying at Bishop’s to continue his studies.

Bishop’s has a long illustrious history. Founded as an all-boys school in 1836, it merged with King’s Hall Compton, an all-girls school, in 1972. Boasting students from 28 different countries, it provides quality education to all its students. With an average class size of 12, this helps prevent students from falling between the cracks.

Over the years, the athletics program has boasted championships in rugby, basketball, soccer, football, tennis and swimming. Besides its athletics program, Bishop’s offers an arts and music program which includes theatre. Plus there’s also an opportunity for students to travel abroad and work with foreign peers to promote dedication to service, democracy, understanding and environmental conservation.