A miracle has occurred in the world of nutrition. Klik Lite. Do not adjust your reading glasses. Yes, Klik Lite is now available for the growing numbers who are conscious of their diets.

According to taste tests, people like it. Or so we are told. And it’s less fatty.

Klik Lite is just one of many foods that are now being designated as “healthier” in a campaign by Northern Stores. Any food that has a purple sticker on it is considered to be more nutritional, less fatty and healthier for those with diabetes.

Daniella Demaré, a nutritionist with the North West Co., said the main goal of the new program is “to prevent and control diabetes… We look at diabetes as an epidemic in the North.”

“People want to eat healthier but they don’t know what to look for,” said Demaré.

Diabetes rates are two times higher in Native communities than in the South, according to studies. Diabetes has become a problem as Native people have switched to eating more store-bought foods, which are less healthy than traditional foods.

The purple stickers will be seen in Waskaganish, Chisasibi, Eastmain and Wemindji.

Demaré said the food with a purple sticker won’t cost more. You will see purple stickers on foods like: lower fat dairy products, canned fruit without sugar, 100% orange juice (instead of Tang, which has added sugar), and whole wheat bread (instead of white bread).