As Easter approaches, I wonder of how the bunny ever got into the scenario of a usually somber and religious ceremony of the rebirth of Jesus Christ and how the transition to modem day chocolate bunny personification began. As far as I can remember back to my childhood days, Easter was an occasion that usually started with a visit from the Easter bunny and then a visit to the dentist a few weeks later.

When I think about it, the same thing applies for Christmas. Wasn’t it originally (and still is) a celebration of the birth of the baby who grew to become the Messiah? Where does Santa and his eight reindeer come from? The Netherlands? It really makes you wonder when the original intent of Christianity and the faith and the followers became overshadowed by a commercial deity. Commerce became synonymous with children and their unwavering beliefs that grew into a multibillion dollar enterprise. ‘Nuff said.

Back from wonderworld, I recently started asking around for more ideas for Rez notes and I was approached with a rather novel idea. A “What if … ?” series was brought up. A question of what if we, the Cree, all stopped drinking and what would be the consequences, for example. I suppose nearly every dépanneur within a hundred kilometers of any given community would go bankrupt. Bayer (the makers of aspirin) would have a banner year from escalating sales due to the hangover of hundreds of people.

Social services would finally be able to relax on weekends and small bars like the C.L. would only be a hazy memory. Tea would regain its rightful place as the number one drink to guzzle and coffee would probably edge in closer to number two. Karaoke bars would flourish and most likely the birth rate would go down after hockey tournaments. Amazingly, Budweiser would still be the king of beers.

Treatment centres would have to search frantically for new clients and dry bars with go-go dancers (fully clothed) would become the new rave. Families would probably be happier and children would grow up unscarred. Perhaps this may be a fantasy, but it can be a real situation, one day maybe in the distant future. Maybe there is a Santa and perhaps the Easter bunny does hop around with a calorie-laden basket of goodies.