According to information received by the Nation, David Gull of Waswanipi shot the first goose at noon on April 11, this year, in Miquelon.

Bragging rights go out to Mistissini’s Donald MacLeod. He got the first two geese in that community at I pm on April 16. The man at the Point strikes again.

Over on the coast Larry Tomatuk shot Eastmain’s first goose of the season on April 16.

Sliding up to Chisasibi, Chris Iserhoff reportedly got the first goose on April 15, although the Nation was not able to verify the date at press time.

Former Chief George Wapachee of Nemaska said that 11 geese were shot at Mathew Swallow’s camp the week of April 14, but couldn’t say for sure who got the first one. The excitement of the spring kept all eyes on the geese when the shooting started.

For the southernmost coastal community Brian Frank walked into Waskaganish with his head held high.

Wemindji’s Derek Shanush saw and got the first one in his hometown.

Old Factory’s George Stewart was the early-bird hunter this year.

In Whapmagoostui they go all out and divide up the hunting areas so there are three first goose hunters. For the South side it’s Isaac Rupert. On the North side John Masty took the honours and Inland’s Mario Rupert was reported to bag the first one.

After going on a wild goose chase to track down who got the first goose in Ouje-Bougoumou, Lana at the police station told the Nation that it was Charlie Bosum.

Out of respect for the animals Cree hunters don’t brag about their skills so the Nation has done it for you. Good luck to all the hunters and especially the new hunters this year. Send a photo of the first goose and the new hunter. We’ll print as many as we can.