A journey through the heart of Eeyou Istchee has achieved its goals and the walk isn’t even over yet.

Generous Crees and entities have contributed $237,201.90 as of March 23 towards purchasing a hemo-dialysis machine. The hemo-dialysis machine would be used to help residents in the North to clean their blood. Patients currently have to go to Montreal, Val d’Or or Chisasibi for these health services creating extra hardships for their families.

The walkers started from Whapmagoostui and are expected to finish their long journey on April 9 in Mistissini. The number of walkers is up to 46 from the original 16. Look for a full report in our next issue.

Another walk that proved to be a success last year is on its way to becoming an annual event. Sadie’s Walk is held to promote diabetes awareness and how exercise and good eating will keep the illness under control. Sadie’s Walk dates: Whapmagoostui (after Goose Break), April 7 in Chisasibi, April 9 in Wemindji, April 9 in Eastmain, May 9 (Mother’s Day) in Waskaganish, April 16 in Nemaska, April 6 in Waswanipi, April 8 in O.J. and April 7 in Mistissini.