Dianne Reid becomes the 12th Board member of Rupert Reverence, bringing to a total of six the number of Cree directors among the Cree-Quebec environmental organisation.

Reid was a Journalist for CBC North from 1974 to 1986, Dianne Reid was also member of National Aboriginal Communications Society from 1979 to 1989. On top of setting up the first radio/TV broadcasting stations for the 11 Aboriginal Nations of Quebec, she trained native journalists as far as in South America, New-Zealand and Australia.

As the official international representative of the Grand Council of the Cree, she promoted the splendors of Quebec’s great rivers in more than 20 countries.

Reid said, “The Spirits of my Ancestors will not allow my conscience to remain silent. The life and blood of the Rupert’s River are at stake and the Spirit of the Water calls me to defend it.”

For Rupert Reverence’s Cree wing Co-President, Lisa Petagumskum, the involvement of Dianne Reid against the Peace of the Braves is of particular importance.

“The voice of the River will be strengthened with Dianne Reid on board. It is the connection that she carries which will prove to all that it is wrong to severe or to desecrate the life giving forces of the River. Rupert Reverence welcomes Dianne Reid’s experience on the protection of rivers in different parts of the world: Great Whale River and Arun River in Nepal, just to name a few.”