The Briefs Dept, interrupts your normally scheduled Briefs to bring you this story we received from J. Snowboy:

A hunter stands before a lake, to his back a vast wilderness. To see such beauty brings joy to his heart, as he sets up his tent or teepee. He thinks of the game he’ll hunt, remembering not to kill too much. For he’s thinking of his return year or the year after that. Oh how he loves the bush, not forgetting what his parents and grandparents taught him. To love and respect the land.

A hunter stands before a lake. To his back what used to be a vast wilderness is now bare and stripped of the beauty of trees. It brings tears to his eyes with a heavy heart in remembrance of the times his family used to hunt. The traditional hunting ground is no longer good to hunt there. The game has disappeared along with the trees.

Dedicated to the hunters who lost their hunting grounds to clearcutting or logging. Losing your hunting to forest fires is devastating, but logging… It’s a shame what the white man has done.