Our Cree Nation is young and vibrant. Like all Nations, we too need “Cree Champions”. Cree Champions who believe in worthy causes. Cree Champions who are courageous, who are history makers and believers of helping others who are in need when there is nowhere else to turn too.

Cree Champions are individuals who have a passion to help their fellow Crees and will do whatever it takes to bring to light the plight and struggle of their fellowman.

There is a young man from Mistissini who lives in Chisasibi who has began a journey of awareness for families who have a family member living with cancer. This young Cree is David Coonishish. He is a Cree Champion with a cause.

My wife and I met David at Kilometre 10 on the James Bay Highway. I asked him, why he was rollerblading from Montreal to Chisasibi. In his own words he said, “I am doing this for families who need help when a member of their family is living with cancer.” He also told me “that Crees have brought awareness to diabetes and it is now time to bring awareness of families dealing with cancer.”

David has had his own fight with cancer and has beaten it. He has lost his own brother Michael to cancer and is very aware of the financial strain on families who want to see or be with their loved ones when treated down south.

Needless to say, I was deeply moved by this young man’s passion and determination to bring awareness of what families go through when a family member has cancer.

David Coonishish is now rollerblading into Eeyou Istchee. Let us show our support for him.

David is raising funds for the cause. I encourage you to contact Ashley Iserhoff or Bertie Wapachee for additional information and they can tell you where you can send your donation.

To the Cree leadership, please do what you can and I dare suggest that you make your way to the James Bay Highway to see and encourage David and his family. Maybe you can bring your own rollerblades and skate with him.

Many thanks for your support of “David’s Journey.” God bless the Cree Nation.
Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come