While on a recent trip to Kahnawake, we stopped in to see what local jeweler David Zell had to offer in the way of Native jewelry.

Zell currently fixes jewelry from all over, including Wemindji, Chisasibi and Eastmain just to name a few places. From Cree hands to Mohawk and back again through the mail.

Zell has been in Kahnawake for almost eight years. He brought a lot of experience with him as he worked for jewelry manufacturers selling rings and chains to places like Burkes.

Now, Zell says he’s concentrating on his services in Kahnawake. He repairs watches, clocks, rings, chains, etc. Chances are if you have something broken Zell is the man to see. His store just doesn’t carry Native jewelry from the immediate area, but from all over.

“Some of this comes from as far away as southern Arizona and some is from around here. Our selection is mixed with contemporary and modern Native,” he said.

“For local people there is the convenience of having something fixed right here.”

Most other jewelers, according to Zell, take about three to four weeks to get around to the work. Zell is also active in community life supporting the local lacrosse team.