We brought you the Cutest Boy in the Cree Nation. Now, by popular demand, we bring you the Cutest Girl. The voting was enthusiastic and sundry a Cute Girl was nominated.

But there was one who, above all others, received the most votes. Carole Kitchen of Waswanipi.

Sarah Bearskin of Chisasibi, and Rachel Neeposh, Tiffany Neeposh, Ida Gray, Mary Mark, Celina Jimiken and Arlene Mianscum of Mistissini

Honourable mentions:
Mistissini – Rosie IseThoff, Rachel Neeposh, Evelyn Shecapio, Celina Jimiken, Bella Voyageur (Blossom), Mary Mark, Tiffany Neeposh, Ida Gray, Kim Quinn, Tiffeny Bannack, “Nurse'” Nian Matoush, Rachel Neeposh

O.J. – Chantal Mianscum, Rachel Bush, Sonia Bosum, Percilla Bosum, Melissa Bosum

Nemaska – Lee-Ann Neeposh, Cindy Coonishish, Catherine Cheezo, Charlene Wapachee, Ruby Tanoush

Waswanipi – Eleanor Gull

Some of your comments on the nominees:
“We picked her because she’s the prettiest. She doesn’t know, but she really is. We found her very attractive in every way.”
“Because she’s my sister and I love her very, very much.”

“She is a very smart and caring girl. She’s got a great personality and good sense of humour. She’s a very special girl with a cute nose!”