Cree entities with offices in Montreal will soon have a stylish new home: the Lamborghini building.

Cree entities in Montreal pay out over $230,000 to non-Cree landlords per year.

With these costs in mind, a few years back the Grand Council received a mandate to put all Cree entities in Montreal under one roof. One that belonged to the Crees. Cree Construction was given a mandate to buy and renovate a building for Cree needs.

The Lamborghini building, located in Old Montreal, is expected to cost about $ 1 million after renovations are complete. Payback time is expected to be done over five years and Crees will benefit from rising property values.

The Cree Health Board has decided to move into the new facilities. The GCCQ will be moving in by the end of August.

The Commissioners of the Cree School Board also agreed to the proposal a couple of years back. Students will be getting a computer room, library and fitness room complete with showers.

Students will also have the opportunity to open and manage a coffee shop. This would help needy students with a little money as well giving them some activity cash.

But some students are opposed to the move, saying that it is far away from where students live and they are unsure of their safety as the new site is in an industrial zone of Old Montreal.

The Grand Council says that for the various Cree organizations, staff have in some cases never met and this has hindered them from working as a team to serve the Cree Nation more effectively. Students will benefit from meeting Cree political and business leaders, they say.

According to the Grand Council, this will prove to be an important lead for propective employers and new Crees getting into the labour force.