There is just a hint of French in singer Melisa Pash’s speaking voice. I heard this when I caught up with her by phone in Val-d’Or. Melisa was born on Fort George Island and was raised in Val-d’Or, and makes the city her home. Balancing these two different worlds, the singer-songwriter is focused on mining both cultures for her music and is intent on conquering the two completely.

Melisa plays an “Indian” drum on stage and is a trained cellist. She composes on her guitar, plays piano and could probably conjure up a fiddle tune at a Cree wedding if called upon. She is also a part-time model and full-time mom and aspiring TV host. She sculpts, paints and still finds time to help young musicians through her “Protégé Program.” Wait, she’s only getting started. Melisa is now polishing her second album with Apache guitarist Stevie Salas, who’s backed Rod Stewart and hangs out with Mick Jagger.

A feeling one gets in a Melisa encounter is that she is always on the move, always doing something, constantly planning. It’s probably not too easy getting to know someone like her in person. It’s even harder on the phone and near impossible though email and facebook. Still, we try.

Without further ado, here are the results of a cyber-interrogation:

Hidden talent:
I can find things that are lost.

First memory:
My brother or sister playing records.

Proudest moment:
When I received a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award.

Greatest fear:
Being overwhelmed with fear.

Last meal you would request:
I don’t think I’d be able to eat if I knew it was my last meal.

What you would ask God:
Please define my purpose in one clear sentence.

Title of autobiography:
Loretta Lynn’s was Coal Miner’s Daughter, I’ll call mine Cree Trapper’s Daughter.

What makes you sad?
The state of the environment.

Porn name:
(LOL) I don’t know Ms. Giggles A Lot?

How would you like to die?
In my sleep, painlessly.

Word you always mispronounce:

Three wishes you would ask of a genie:
Inner peace, joy and success.

Deepest secret:
It’s a secret.

First kiss:
That too.

If I could travel back in time:
I’d go back and spy on myself as a little girl lip-synching in the mirror!

Favourite English word:

Favourite sound:
The cello.

Favourite memory:
Snorkeling in Hawaii.

Most awkward moment:
Awkward silences.

Historical figure you’d like to meet:

Indian Name:
“She who succeeds at all she sets out to do” I made that up! (LOL)

Memory you’d erase:
Something embarrassing.

Most treasured possession:
My guitar.

Childhood ambition:
To be famous.

Worst habit:
Mental chatter.

Time period you would like to experience:
Some time where I could live as royalty in a castle.

Superpower you wish you had:
I wish I could fly.

Historical figure you dislike?

Person you look up to the most:
Florent Vollant.