The Cree School Board is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and they are doing it in style. The board has commissioned a one-hour video commemorating the momentous occasion that will take viewers through the early beginnings of the CSB right up until present day.

The Cree School Board is a unique education system borne out of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement in 1975. It marked the first time a Native group took control of its educational destiny in what was then a not-so-friendly climate.

After major overhauls, including one that stemmed from the Mianscum report many years ago, the CSB is currently undergoing another reform to keep the curriculum current and to improve lagging graduation rates.

The video will be produced by Mushkeg Media Inc., a Cree-owned company. Co-Directors Paul Rickard and Tracey Deer will be researching and shooting the film in the coming months.

The History of the Cree School Board will have its premiere in Mistissini May 28 during the CSB’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

For more information reach Kenny Loon, Project Coordinator at 613-325-8149 or by email at, or Paul Rickard at 514-279-3507 or by email at