Waskaganish’s Rod Blueboy is staking his claim as the fastest Cree men’s competition distance runner, winning his 34 km event with a 2:17:55 time in the 12th Annual Cree Nation Fitness Challenge, held in Nemaska July 27-29.

The challenge featured over 30 competitors in eight competitions, including swimming, cycling, portage canoeing and running.

Blueboy was followed by Steve Cheechoo from Waskaganish and Stephan Gunner from Mistissini.

For the 24.5 km women’s competition, Mistissini speedster Lina Petawabano led the pack with a time of 1:53:28. Trisha Gunner was second. For the women’s team relay, Mistissini team two won with a time of 2:22:1 I with Trisha Gunner, Courtney Neeposh, Ruth Gunner, Stephanie Mianscum, and Lina Petawabano.

Mistissini team three won the men’s team relay in a time of 4:03:27 with a line-up featuring Stanley Neeposh, Kenny Gunner, John Gunner, and Wally Rabbitskin. In the men’s recreational challenge, Reginald Blackned of Waskaganish came in first at 1:28:59, leading both Jimmy Coonishish and Jimmy Matoush from Mistissini.

For the women’s recreational challenge Sophie Matoush from Mistissini won with a time of 1:37:15, with Sandra Coonishish and Robin Trapper of Mistissini coming second and third.

In the mini boys category, Derland Shecapio of Waskaganish lead the group with a time of 1:05:37; Nelson Wapachee and Terence Hester were second and third. In the girls mini challenge Lynn Sue Kistabish from Pikogan won over Courtney Neeposh and Yolanda Shashaweskum.