Are you faster than a speeding .3030 shell? Can you leap tall teepees in a single bound? Well, now how about trying something that’s really hard—the Cree First Nation Fitness Challenge ’96, organized by Nemaska’s Recreation Dept.

Competing for over $34,000 in prizes, the best athletes in the Cree Nation are being asked to get ready for the gruelling event this July 12 and 13 which promises to rival the legendary U.S. Iron Man Contest.

The men’s course will include six events: swimming 1.5 kilometres, cycling 20 km, canoeing 2 km, a .5-km portage, another 1 km of canoeing and, if that didn’t kill you, 15 km of running, for a total of 40 km. The women’s course is 27 km: 1 km of swimming, cycling 15 km, canoeing 2 km and running 10 km.

“It has never been done before,” said John Henry Wapachee, Nemaska Recreation Director. “We’ve seen a lot of activities in the communities—the mountain bike marathon, the regular summer games. We felt we might be able to do something different.

“A lot of the people here are quite optimistic to be able to see who will be able to do all this.”

For more information contact your local rec. dept, or Rodney Hester of Nemaska at (819) 673-2512.