The Cree Indian Centre in Chibougamau (CICC) is proud to announce that their team managed to surpass their fundraising goal at this year’s Relay for Life event put on by the Canadian Cancer Society.

The Relay for Life is a national event that sees groups of teams embark on a 12-hour walk, from 7pm to 7am, to raise money and awareness.

“For the second year in a row the Cree Indian Centre in Chibougamau has had a team. This year we finally gave the team a name, Aspeyihtamuu, which means hope. We had set out as a goal to raise $2500 and we surpassed it, hitting $3200,” said Jo-Ann Tolouse, executive director of the CICC.

The CICC team consisted of Toulouse, Jessica Thisdale, Justine Mianscum, Jeanne Guanish Vachon, Dominic Nadeau, Pierre-Oliver Laforge and Tania Larivière.

Forty-one other teams from Chibougamau and the surrounding area participated in the May 28 walk that saw about 500 people take to the streets for the gruelling 12 hours. Among them were also another team from the Mistissini Clinic comprised mainly of local nurses.

Collectively the Chibougamau event managed to raise over $75000 for cancer research.