We met Natazia Mukash quite by accident when we went to interview Matthew Mukash. As we were about to leave, the Deputy Grand Chief introduced us to Natazia, his daughter.

Natazia led us into her basement studio. Her walls are adorned with her drawings and paintings. Massive, dream-like works in progress, beautiful portraits of people she knows, and even an instantly recognizable, pencilled portrait of Jaoquin Phoenix.

An untrained artist, Natazia says people encourage her to move south to study art. “But people also tell me it might change my work.” she says. For one so gifted in painting and drawing, 22-yearold Natazia’s ) real interests are film and photography. Indeed, her mother is an artist herself and her father, Matthew studied photography. Natazia resides in Great Whale with her two children.

What is your current state of mind?

Slightly disturbed…but happy

What do you hate to be called?

“Natashia” no one can seem to be able to pronounce my name….its N-A-T-A-Z-l-A people!

Words you love to hear?

“That’s beautiful” and “its all good. ”

Person you’d like to see as National Grand Chief?

My bro Erasmus, he’d look good in a suit and a headdress!

First memory?

I was playing hide and seek,I hid in the closet and found all the Christmas gifts!

Who’s shoes would you walk a mile in?

I’d like to see someone walk a mile in my shoes.

What or who makes you laugh?

When I’m tired, anything, even if you’re not trying to be funny….

Dream vacation?

Paris, and then Disney World with my children

Person you lust over?

After having 2 kids, I’ve learned not to….

Favorite name?

Joaquin, I love the way it’s spelled and pronounced

What do you dislike about your appearance?

I’m too tall.I hate that

Which word or phrases do you often overuse?

“Can I bum a smoke….and a light?”

Favorite music?

Anything except sappy country songs

Favorite TV show?

X-files forever! I love anything that has to do with aliens….

Person you would like to meet the most?

My soul mate…Where is he and what is he waiting for?!

Who would play you in a movie?

Sandra Bullock….she’s crazy.

Person you love the most?

They know who they are…..

Person you hate the most?

They know who they are….

Most interesting person you know and why?

My mother, she’s done many great things in her life and she’s like a human dictionary…ask her anything, she knows.

Favourite time of year?

The fall. I love the rain….

Brush with Greatness?

I see him everyday, my father Matthew Mukash

Favourite soap opera?

All My Children rocks!

Where you would like to live?

Paris, everyone wants to go to Paris…

Dream job?


Best pick-up line you’ve heard or used?

“Coffee?”(l love coffee)

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Being in my studio, painting a masterpiece, kids by my side…

Epitaph on your headstone?

Here Lies Natazia Mukash…we will miss her greatly, and her paintings are displayed at the museum of….

Who were you in a previous life?

I’m the one who made all those cavepaintings…and no I wasn’t a dumb caveman…


beautiful people, bingo and coffee….

Reason for living?

To show people that being a Native Artist is not just

about painting eagles and feathers….its

something greater.