The Amos Hunting and Fishing Show returned this year for a successful second edition April 12-15. It was held at the Hotel des Eskers in Amos with 16 companies showcasing their hunting and fishing goods.

Launched last year, the event was organized by Gaetan Dupuis of B.C. Sports located in the area. With an estimated 1,300 attending the show, Dupuis said, “It was a successful show and we received many favourable comments.”

The companies showcasing their goods at the event included big names such as Winchester, Browning, Ecotone, Remington and Savage Arms. With plenty of advertising in the local media leading up to the show, it was gearing up to be a great weekend for those getting supplies for Goose Break as well as hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

On display in the various booths was a wide range of hunting apparel, such as camouflage and boots, rifles and shotgun shells not to mention fishing rods. The hotel’s large hall provided plenty of space for visitors and booths although Dupuis lamented that a local hockey tournament had taken some potential visitors away from the show.

Having been the largest booth in an annual Camping, Hunting and Fishing show in the south, Dupuis decided last year to launch the Amos event after realizing the need for a hunting and fishing show for northern communities that focused on their needs.

“The other large shows lacked focus on the main needs,” Dupuis pointed out. “They usually have a few booths for each category, and don’t give many options for hunting and fishing.”

Distance is another factor why Dupuis decided to bring the show to Amos so that those around can get access to the best goods tailored to their needs.

The main difference between Dupuis’ brand of hunting and fishing show and other shows is that being from the area he asks what people would like to see and provides them with it. As for now the plans for next year’s event haven’t been made yet but discussions are in the works on what is most in demand for locals in the surrounding region.

Many of the companies with booths were satisfied by the turnout and there were plenty of people leaving well supplied for the spring.