A Chisasibi man is in stable condition at the Montreal General Hospital after an unfortunate snowmobile accident.

David Coonishish, 28, was injured while Moose hunting on Saturday, March 6. He was driving his ski-doo after killing a wolf when he saw moose tracks in the snow and decided to follow them. When the tracks took an abrupt turn, so did he. The quick maneuver resulted in a collision with a tree. The problem it seems is that he forgot about the trailer attached to his ski-doo. Coonishish woke up after an undetermined amount of time, jumped on his idling ski-doo and headed for home.

The incident took place about a half an hour ski-doo ride from his camp, located across the dam from LG-I.

When he got home his wife wanted him to go to the hospital. He refused at first, but on Monday, March 8, he eventually relented and was admitted to the Chisasibi hospital. From there he was airlifted out to the Montreal General Hospital. It was determined that he may have suffered nerve damage and has lost strength in his right side. Tests were ongoing at press time.