T’he Chisasibi Shao-lin Kung Fu class drove to Montreal for the seventh edition of the Montreal International Karate tournament on April 9. It was held in Longueuil, at CEGEP Edouard Montpetit.

The day started with the competitors showing their form with katas (choreographed moves). Then on to combat. There were 400 participants from Canada and the U.S..

It was their first tourney and they hope to learn from this experience, said instructor Jean Lauzier, who works for the Cree Health Board. This is their second year of classes, and Jean is hopeful that he can follow through with this project. He isn’t sure how many years he will be in Chisasibi but he hopes the advanced students will continue teaching when he is gone. Like hockey and basketball, he hopes kung fu will become a fixture in the community.

Next time, they hope to go to a kung fu tournament as opposed to karate, and they want to fly next time.

Enter the dragon


Jean Lauzier


Adam Gates Elvis Weapenicappo Edward Nine O’clock Leslie Herodier David Sam Joel Benjamin James Sealhunter Samuel Sealhunter Timmy Herodier Dale Herodier Christopher Herodier Jr.

Meriam Elmenssoufi Amanda Sam Melanie Lameboy Chantale Sénéchal Alexis Doucet


Adam Gates: 2nd Form (medal), 3rd Fight (plaque)

L. Herodier: 3rd Fight (medal)

A. Doucet: Lourd Kumite, Kata 3rd place

M. Elmenssoufi: 3rd Form (medal)