Children of the last walking out ceremony of Waskaganish.

Why haven’t your younger brothers and sisters followed in your footsteps?

Why does the sixth generation so readily cast aside their customs that identify you as a distinct people?

In the coming years it is these types of community events that will set you apart from other nations of the Earth.

Have we as parents and community members failed you?

Though I am not of your nation, I am still one of the people.

My spirit cries because we have the Elders and the knowledge to carry this tradition on.

We chose to ignore both.

Political leaders may boast about how much they have provided for your material and educational needs but they continue to rob you of your spiritual heritage.

Fear not because this generation will not be in leadership positions forever.

There will be a reawakening and they will have to step aside.

As First Nations continue their struggle to preserve their cultures and strengthen their languages, you have so much still intact.

I ask that we not fail the seventh generation because those who fear their future are truly a lost people.

Thank you,
Vance Bear