How can I type in Cree on my computer? How do I install the Cree typing tools on my new computer? How can I convert from Cree syllables to Cree roman orthography and vice-versa?

Responses to these frequently asked questions can now be found in the form of training videos available in the resource section on the website.

With oral explanations in Cree, Patricia Diamond, from the Cree School Board, explains how to download, install and type Cree syllables. Similar instructional videos are available in French and in English.

Step-by-step guidance is provided to download Typing and Conversion tools on Windows XP and for MS Word 2003. The video can be paused while following the various steps, or played again if needed.

The following videos are available:

How to Download Cree keyboard and fonts

How to Install Cree keyboard and fonts

How to use Cree keyboard and fonts

How to Install Conversion Tool

How to Use Conversion Tool