Cree rockers CerAmony were tapped for a Best Songwriter prize in the 2010 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. The dynamic writing duo of Pakesso Mukash and Matthew Iserhoff accepted their award in person November 26 at the Hamilton Place Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario.

“Because of the amount of work we put into the writing of each song, the nomination felt like a good nod. But winning meant that our efforts weren’t going unrecognized. It meant that the songs we were writing about our People, and from their perspective, were on the right track,” said Mukash.

“We have made many sacrifices to do what we do, and the win simply reinforces that we are doing the right thing. We continue to represent those that believe in Cree culture, Cree language, and Cree spirituality.”

Mukash said they are particularly proud of winning the highly coveted award as they were up against music industry veterans, Eagle & Hawk and Wayne Lavallee.

For those looking to find out more about CerAmony, Mukash invites everyone to visit their page on Facebook. For those that still don’t have it, CerAmony’s music is also available on iTunes.