Seven police officers are going to be gung ho for a while on the roads. Residents from Mistissini, Waswanipi, Ouje-Bougoumou and Wemindji may be in for a rough ride after the police officers finish their course. The seven officers are getting up to speed on the Highway Code of Quebec with training being done in Mistissini. Taking the course are Thomas Bosum, Wasesquin Gunner, Victor Longchap, Sherman Masty, Priscilla Mark, Dale Petawabino and Jeffery Natawapineskum.

In other communities that police instructor Marc Belle-Isle has trained police in the highway code he said, “You can see a light come on as they absorb the information. When they are finished they are sharks.”

Most people would expect all training to take place in the Nicolet Ecole nationale de police du Quebec near Montreal. “We’re making some courses and refreshers available in the communities itself,” said Belle-Isle. He added Nicolet have been doing in-service training for years especially with renewing courses on radar speed detectors. You have to refresh this skill every few years when you are a police officer.

The Highway code course costs $561 per person and lasts five days.

In any case we all know the best way to ensure you keep the knowledge you learn is to apply it. With that in mind be sure to be careful of any highway infractions in the coming months as the students are waiting to try out their skills.

Better yet, just don’t speed or drive under the influence. Remember the designated driver method and be safe.