Follow the Yellow Brick Road and you’ll end up in the land of milk and honey! If only that Yellow Brick Road was paved gold with no huge cracks that have been scotch-taped, deep potholes and treacherous 18-wheelers whizzing by you like bazooka-propelled rockets. I am talking about the infamous James Bay Highway. Oh boy, no mercy on the shocks – yes, I know what that’s like!

Time and time again, our dear costal travelers have to endure endless car repairs on their Cadillac suburbans. A Bugatti would not last up here! Something’s gotta be done soon.

What solution can I bring to the table: pull our funding resources together, negotiate with whoever owns the JBH, have Crees maintain it and add a tollbooth. Member cards would be available to the Cree. Hey, it works for the Americans. Why can’t we be copycats*? (*This should not apply to fashion, thank you.)

I have a love-hate relationship with JBH’s sister, the dusty, rocky Route du Nord. I love the scenery and for some odd reason I feel spiritually lifted whenever I’m on it, which is all the time as my job allows me to visit all the neighbouring townships. (I’m best at cameos, no questions please only pictures!)

Anyhow, if only someone out in the Cree world could invent a large vacuum machine to sucked up all those big rocks that tan all day and smash our windshields when a company truck zooms by at 120 km even though it’s a 70 km zone. KM 130 is the worst and the rocks get bigger and bigger. I practically have to stop and move the rocks myself, that’s if I’m not wearing my suit and tie and listening to Chisasibi Rockers.

As I write this column, it’s Election Day in Eeyou Istchee and by this time this issue is published I am sure that a run-off will be at hand. Whoever gets elected has to discuss these infamous twisted sister roads, and what to do with the JBH and RDN. Get the same cement that OJ has. I heard it wasn’t all that expensive. Talk to OJ extraordinaire Abel Bosum he knows everything, including all the files at Grand Council. I work with the guy and I’m a fan.

Seriously, I dislike hearing stories of single mothers out in Cree land with their cars breaking down because of these badly maintained roads. If we have to start paying taxes and getting our municipalities, access roads and twisted sister roads should be paved. I’d be more than happy to see my dollar used to enter the land of milk and honey, instead of dreading it.

If I were given the ruby red shoes, I would click them and pave our roads, beautify our stop signs with rubies, carpet the rez with grass and make them presentable. After all, in the Land of Oz everyone is happy when everything’s maintained and nice.

Speaking of the Wizard, rest in peace Isaac Kawapit a.k.a. the White Wizard of Nishiyuu. You will be missed. Let’s continue to fight for our Yellow Brick Road for our children’s Cadillacs depend on it!