Darkness fell over 50 million plus people in six major North American cities on August 14.

It was called the biggest blackout in history and days later they were still trying to trace the exact cause.

The United States blames Canada for it, and vice versa.

Nation Editor-in-Chief Will Nicholls was trying to make his way home after a three weeklong trip to South America. He ended up being diverted to the “last place you want to be on earth: Newark, New Jersey.”

Despite the aggravation and wanting to give a piece of his mind to the electrical gods, Nicholls has returned safely to his throne at The Nation.

Ernest Webb, who used to work for The Nation but now fills his days as a CBC North reporter, was also blacked out while at a training course in Toronto. “I was at the CBC building in Toronto and all of a sudden, the lights went out. Fortunately, we were able to continue our course,” he said.

“The feeling in the city was quite festive, a bunch of drummers set up in one corner and just starting beating on their drums.”

Webb said he wasn’t scared, he knew precisely how to deal with these types of situations, “I’m used to blackouts, it’s a regular occurrence up north.”

In related news, there is expected to be a boom in births nine months from now, thanks to the blackout.