A recent report by the government-appointed Broadband Task Force suggests that the ambitious proposal of linking all Canadians to high-speed Internet services by the year 2004 could run as high as $4.57 billion. The panel, comprised of 34 members, sees the government as the key player in this project, as much of the necessary expense will not be feasible for the private sector. Estimated costs include: $1.3 -1.9 billion to link communities currently lacking commercial service; $500 – 600 million to connect public institutions such as schools, libraries, and health centres; $50 – 70 million for individual and group skill training; $900 million – $2 billion to connect homes and businesses within communities to the network. The total estimate comes in at $1.85 billion for basic service and $4.57 billion for comprehensive service, with public money picking up most of the tab.