The August issue of Rolling Stone held a surprise for fans and non-fans of Justin Bieber as they learnt he thinks he is part Aboriginal. “I’m actually part Indian,” he stated in the magazine. “I think Inuit or something? I’m enough percent that in Canada I can get free gas.”

Bieber had reportedly made this claim in the past while on tour. It’s surprising no one told him “Indian” and “Inuit” are not only two different peoples, but Inuit are not exempt from the gas tax. Yes, there is a tax return on gas, but it isn’t free. The Nation staff tested this out by demanding our free gas from several gas stations. It didn’t happen and would likely never happen staff members were informed.

Just to clear up the confusion the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples have offered to assist Bieber in tracing his ancestry. Perhaps they can even teach him the difference between Inuit and First Nations. Then hopefully they’ll tackle what First Nations are entitled to and what they are not.

An educated Bieber is a smart Bieber.