Your first step, first birthday, first word, first day of school, first party. These arejust some of the turning points in our lives. Then there is the first kiss. It changeswho you are, as soon as it happens. You can learn a lot about people from their firstkiss stories.

“It was during- the time of the December hockey tournament in Chisasibi.My best friend was dating one of the hockey players and I was fixed up withhis friend who was staying with him. He was 17 years old, and I told him Iwas 14, but I was really 12. After the game, we went back to the house,and once we got to his room he surprised me with a slobbery unexpected kiss.It lasted about a couple of minutes, before I pulled away and wipedmy mouth with the back of my hand. It was covered in his saliva.”

OUTCOME: They dated for a year and then she found a better kisser.

“It was a cold starry night on Fort George island. I was about 14, andso was this girl. I was going out with her for 3 or 4 months and I hadnever kissed her (or anyone else). I was really nervous (giggle giggle).The next day we were both leaving for goosebreak and wouldn’t see eachother for a whole month, so I knew something had to happen. We went tothe farthest teepee, it was abandoned. It was very cold out, we wereshivering, hardly talking, and it was getting really late. Finally I gotup the courage and kissed her. It was really romantic – we forgot allabout everything going on around us, the cold, the time. We ended upbreaking curfew, and from then on I was hooked.”

OUTCOME: They continued going out for about a year, and then shedumped him. He was devastated.

I was 13 years old, and had a huge pathetic crush on this guy in my class.One of my friends told him to ask me out, so he did. We went to a movie withabout 12 other people, and when we were walking home he tried to hold my

hand. I quickly put it into my coat pocket and told him I just wanted tobe friends. I was too nervous! I continued to pine over him for anotheryear and a half, when I finally got up the courage to ask him out. We wentto see that Arnola Schwarzenegger movie, Predator . How romantic, eh?!

We cuddled during the movie, and afterwards we went walking around. We cameback to the park in front of the cinema, and made out on this bench forabout an hour. I was so happy, I had finally got my first kiss. Of course,I ran right home (before 10:00 so I wouldn t miss my curfew) and

phoned my best friend to tell her ALL about it!

OUTCOME: They dated on and off until they were in university. They don’tspeak to each other now.

“Me and two other girls all had a crush on this boy, Timmy, forseveral months. We were all 7 years old, and one day we couldn’t take itany longer. We chased him into the woods, held him down and took turnskissing him until he cried. Meanwhile, his friend Fred kept begging usto kiss him, but we refused.”

OUTCOME: Her younger brother had witnessed the kiss, and blackmailedher for 5 years, threatening to tell their mom. It took her 5 years to notbe embarrassed about basing kissed someone.

“I was in Grade 6, and was invited to a basement party. I was wearing ared tube top with a white shirt tied over it at the waist. All I rememberwas that I was horrifically nervous. Some guy was sitting beside me, Iwasn’t really attracted to him, but it was quite clear that we were goingto kiss. I was so nervous that I was sweating really bad. We kissed.”OUTCOME: Right away the parents came downstairs and turned on the lights.She was totally embarrassed because the red dye from tube top had ran allover her white shirt from all the sweat.

“I was at home with one of my sister’s friends. I was around

12, and she was a few years younger. I knew that she liked me andshe made the first move. My sister was upstairs.”OUTCOME: They had a couple more ‘sessions’, and that was it.

“I was 8 or 9 and I was at swimming lessons. We were supposed to practicemouth to mouth resuscitation. She was 13. The girl I was trying to ‘revive’started moving her lips around and kissed me instead, so I kissed her back.I would have used any means necessary to bring her back to life.”

OUTCOME: She dropped out of the class, and he got really goodat mouth to mouth resuscitation.

“When I was 11 years old I met this guy at the pool. His name was CliffGazelle. It was too cold to stay outside, so we went walking. We ended upgoing into an apartment lobby and started kissing. I didn’t really like it,his breath was funny.”

OUTCOME: She decided that he wasn’t cool enough for her.

“My first kiss was at a movie. I sat there with my cousin. Fifth cousin.I was running my hands through her long long hair. Every now and thenwe’d rub our cheeks together and sort of snuggle. Then she grabbed my faceand… uhh… kissed me. I was about 5 years old. It took me by surprise.I asked her what she was doing and she said, ’I’m kissing you.’ So I said,’Okay, lets try it again.’ So we did! That was the last innocent kiss Iever had.

OUTCOME: Years later he attended her wedding and touched her hairone last time.

“I was 17 years old and there was a guy who was working as a summer studentat our office. He was 21 years old, and we were good friends. Of course,there was a lot of flirtin’ going on. One day, when my parents were away,I invited him home tor lunch. We had sandwiches and pea soup. We watched aNational Geographic documentary on the mating habits of whales, and endedup kissing all afternoon and all evening. ”

OUTCOME: They never talked again and the friendship was destroyed.

“My friends and I were with these boys that we hung around with.

His name was Richard, and when we were sitting on his front step, he turned

to me and told me that he had always had a crush on me.

I told him I didn’t know that, and then he said that he had dreamed aboutkissing me. Our friends basically pressured us into it, and he gave me alittle peck.

OUTCOME: They remained friends until she moved away, but they neverkissed again.

“We were childhood friends. Best friends who did everything together.In our big group of friends, we were a duo. It was like Bonnie and Clyde.I was the Queen of the universe and he was the Slave/Warrior, protecting mefrom all the evil outsiders. One day we realized that we were in love. Wewere in my house, with the door locked. My parents were outside knocking,and it just happened. We kissed. ”

OUTCOME: They stayed really close friends for many years and still keep intouch.