Some lines to remember about “jealousy.”

The topic “jealousy.” Different from “envy”?

“lb doubt is an injury: to suspect a friend is a breach of friendship; jealousy is a seed sown but in vicious minds; prone to distrust because apt to deceive.” (G. Landsdowne)

“Love may exist without jealousy, although this is rare. Jealousy may exist without love and this is common. For jealousy can feed on that which is bitter, no less on that which is sweet, and is sustained by pride as often as by affection.” (Marg. de Navarre)

“All other passions condescend at times to accept the inexorable logic of facts: but jealousy looks facts straight in the face, and ignores them utterly, and says she knows a great deal better than they can tell her” (A. Helps)

Jealousy is somewhat similar to “envy,” only envy is a kind of passion while jealousy is a vice which, as my grandmother used to say, is worse than alcoholism or as bad.

“Envy is a passion so full of cowardice and shame that nobody ever had the confidence to own it.” (Rochester)

Why not talk about it? After all if jealousy can be as bad as alcoholism, then it is a subject worth being discussed. The question is: can either one of them be controlled? And was there ever any program developed or set up in order to control jealousy?

We will often hear about someone who was so jealous that it led that person to drink but never will we hear that a person was so drunk that his/her drinking problem led them to being jealous. Beneath very big personal problems lies a clue to their emotional disorders. If we take time to dig far enough, the clue lies right before our eyes and the Truth comes out.

Too many times, one or both persons involved in a relationship will confront each other because of jealousy which very often is a major cause of divorce. Too many times people, family members, neighbours, etc. argue or get into physical fights because of jealoui y or envy. Friendships have been lost because of it. Precious liaisons have been lost because of it.

Too many times it is because of this society which we live in making us believe and holding on to material goods, giving us the urge to possess and purchase the most, the best, the ultimate, the uniqueness. Of course, that is not wanted. I mean who cares if the neighbours or family members, or whoever, envies us for our belongs?

After all, most of the stuff belongs to the bank doesn’t it? And what if the stuff belongs to us? We worked for it, we paid for it. If you want it then get up, go to work and go ahead and buy it.

An attack might come in the form of a usual neighbour argument which will often involve children matters, land crossing or even cars. Example: my truck is a four-door, V8, automatic transmission, four-by-four. And blahblah…

Jealousy is soon to appear when provoked and one can expect the unexpected from a jealous person. They can just get up in the morning from what may have appeared a good night’s sleep and all of a sudden, they’re ready to explode into a rage (they have dreamed that you were with somebody else) and they believe it. It is indeed a real sickness and if there’s a cure LET THE WORLD KNOW!

Has anyone ever witnessed the challenges involving two young girls or two differentgroups of girls? They will first of all inspect each other from heads to toes, thencheck the body parts and compare (it’s funny, they seldom check up on the engine “whichis the head”), then they’ll make a very speedy eye contact and they’ll conclude very rapidlyif they accept or reject. Results, the gum chewers will gather together and the more serioustypes such as the more intellectual will gather together or will prefer their independencefrom grouping around in the same circle. There is a nest for jealously, the smell of envyand jealousy is in the air and gossip. Much of it begins as soon as one of the girls leaves the site, comments erupt like a volcano. Did you see her hair? Yah, did you look at her pants? The girls want to put down the rest and be known as the best.

Choosing our own lifestyle is of business to no one, past the age of 18 or 19 years, so if some have chosen to lose their time and their lives, they can do so, but not on the backs of others whose principal goal is “success” and determination.

I also believe that one should be happy of another’s happiness or successes, of another’s will to survive and of another’s choices in life. No one is placed in a situation where they can judge others and be jealous of what they don’t have or what they wanted to have. We don’t always choose our way of living. Some people are less fortunate of others, but this shouldn’t mean that because of their situation, they should put down the more fortunate.

On the other hand, the more fortunate are sometimes just lucky that they are so andshould never brag for what they have, for they can lose it at any time. Because oftoo much belongings, sometimes they forget that they should still expect the unexpected…

Dr. Truth “I’m back!”