Over 20 years and the improvements keep coming, AirCreebec is committed to quality. Anyone who has flown with AirCreebec today, yesterday or tomorrow, will notice the positive improvements throughout the company.

Some examples of AirCreebec’s newest aircraft are the high-tech Dash 8 – 100’s and 300’s and AirCreebec’s KingAir 100, a fully equipped emergency craft with a nurse, doctor and fight crew available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

No expenses are spared in these newer planes, which come fully equipped with leather seats, and feature full meal-services on flight and delicious snacks. No longer will you have to gnaw on digestive biscuits, now you can indulge in such delicacies as Oreo cookies and Peek Freans.

AirCreebec prides themselves on listening to the people. “We care about your needs,” states AirCreebec spokesperson Eddie Dziedzic, who is based in Val d’Or.

AirCreebec is now almost completely computerized; an increase in the number of automated stations de-creases the amount of time spent in lines or on the phone, unlike some other companies. Newly automated bag tags and automated boarding stations have also been installed to speed up the process,

“We have a lot more information on the passengers traveling now,” said Dziedzic. “Because of the new computer systems, we don’t have to collect as much info before flight because we already have it.”

The company is also looking to add web booking to their website, where you can buy your tickets right online, along with a full list of fares to their already existing schedule pages. Check out AirCeebec’s website at www.air-creebec.ca for all these upcoming additions.

All these improvements to get you out of the airport and into the comforts of AirCreebec’s luxurious airliners quicker. There are new deicing machines available at every northern airport that keep all flights on schedule.

AirCreebec has the most highly personalized service out of all the airlines in Canada. Its not often that an airline company will let a customer, who’s experiencing a booking mix up, to board a flight on word of faith.

That’s AirCreebec in a nutshell, going beyond the borders of just being a successful business, to being an active part of the community and sponsoring numerous local tournaments and events.

Another point of progress is the visible increase in the amount of first Nations employees in the company, from pilots, to stewards and stewardesses, ground crew and administration.

Now you can speak Cree almost every step of the way and when the pre-flight safety speeches are complete, also in Cree when requested, you can settle in and enjoy one of the many magazines offered on your flight

Who knows, you may find a copy of this Nation and be reading it right now. So prepare for lift off, and enjoy your flight.