Musician, activist and public speaker Susan Aglukark has just signed with the Winnipeg-based Aboriginal record label Arbor Records, which on Aug. 8 will release her sixth album, Blood Red Earth.

Aglukark, who sings in a melange of Inuktitut and English, has sold over 400,000 albums in Canada to date. She will tour to promote the album while continuing her activist work. On canvases of contemporary pop, the artist weaves tales of her people and addresses many of the issues that they face today.

Her origins in Canada’s Arctic play an enormous role in Susan’s creative work and are the inspiration of her song-smithing, activism and motivational speaking.

Aglukark received the Order of Canada in September of last year for her music as well as for her work as a mentor, a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. She has also won three Junos and been nominated for six more.

Her latest endeavour will be released in the US via Allegro Corporation in October and released for international download through the IODA, a digital distribution company for the global independent music community.