I’ve read the news and seen it a bit on television. We are prepared to block all roads if necessary; to halt whatever is wrong or bad until we see something in the line of positive action. It’s really using a negative action against a negative action to produce a positive action or result. Self-government or else. I really think that all these actions are really not getting anywhere near what we want, which is the right and power to govern ourselves as sovereign nations.

For example, when Hitler wanted to take over the world, he had an action plan. Mind you, his actions were evil in design and he nearly accomplished his goal of world domination but what he had failed to do was to study the mechanics of change upon society, when he decided that he was going to take over the world.

What we should do is have the same type of plan geared towards self-government with a change mechanism installed, so that when resistance to change occurs (which is inevitable) we would already have a plan to counter that resistance and provide knowledge, hope, truth and to have plenty of patience until our counter-action provided a positive result.

We say we need self-government and strive to do so and yet we do not have a change mechanism installed within that plan (if there is a plan, what is it?). A change mechanism would be beneficial and ease the discomforts that will accompany the road to self-government. As with any proposed change, we will meet resistance from all parties, even from our own people and especially from others. I’ve learned that the change for even the better is paved with misfortune, inaptitude, apathy, ignorance and vanity, and things will be much worse before they get better. Preparing for change is a longterm plan, a plan that struck me like a lightning bolt from heaven, when I went to our local child nursery with my two year old.

I was greeted with smiles and was invited to draw an outline of my baby on a large piece of paper with lots of paint in many colors. Later, I walked along the walls that were covered with baby pictures and posters and I admired those pictures that depicted such happiness. Then I saw a poster with a small baby nestled in the hands of an adult and the caption read: “There’s a whole world in your hands” and I thought that there was something wrong with the saying and the message behind the picture. It meant that the future of that child rested in my hands. Then I realized that their future is not in my hands, but my future is in their tiny hands.

Their hands will grow and their minds will learn how to govern us and care for us when we are old and gray. We do not have the capacity to govern ourselves, but the children will and do. To teach them well is a good counter-action that will lead to positive results.

Be an example, good or bad, and show them what their future will look like if they learn positive values and practice them; this would be another counter-action that would yield positive results.

Do not limit their view of the world so that they will only see one (our) world, but show them as much of the world as possible using any means, so that their perspective will be in tune with our aspirations.

Create a sense of value and well being while balancing the road at the same time. Although the way of the road may seem to be crude and cruel, believe me, there are cruder and less compassionate methods such as child abuse, poor education, child neglect, starvation and lack of proper guidance (which seems to be a growing concern in many of our communities) and the worst cruelty of all, lack of love and respect for our little ones.

All these actions will result in a positive environment, an environment where self-government can become a reality, but the road to where we are heading cannot be blocked with our own lack of vision. We must have our change for the better mechanism installed within our children so that they will be prepared to take on the roadblocks of the future.