Urban Aboriginals are reporting an increase in racist-driven incidents in school, in business dealings and by employers and police, according to a newly released poll sponsored by Indian Affairs.

The survey said that four out of 10 Indian, Inuit and Metis were discriminated against in town and cities across the country.

Governments were not neutral bystanders in racial discrimination cases, apparently. The report says that two out of 10 Aboriginals reported problems with Ottawa or their provincial government. In fact, the federal government only received a 12 per cent approval rating.

Seventy-four per cent of Aboriginals polled said that nonnatives were responsible for their alienation.

The report also said that the economic reality and social hardships are much more extreme and grim when compared to the rest of the country. Neither did Aboriginals view their edifices or entities, except for friendship centres, as positive places overall to consult. The numbers were similar to the trust respondents had in the federal government.

Ekos and Anishinabek Consultants Inc conducted the telephone survey among 1,000 respondents.

The report’s conclusion said the findings were “disappointing” and “disturbing.”