Adding to Montreal’s already thriving gaming industry, Rezolution Pictures has branched out with Minority Inc. to produce games. Executive producer and chief spiritual officer Ernest Webb has always wanted to share stories of the James Bay Cree with the world and Minority Media is an extension of that desire. As we all know, the video-game format is the best way to reach out to the next generation.

Recently, Minority acquired $1.7 million in funding from the Canada Media Fund (CMF) and gaming giant Sony Entertainment for the development and production for two video games. One is “Papo and Yo”, which is slated for release on the PlayStation Network in 2012. The other project is “The Silent Enemy”, which focuses on survival in the sub-arctic James Bay wilderness.

The development team is being led by creative director Vander Caballero, whose former work include “Army of Two” and “Boogie”. With the combined experience of Caballero and his team, plus the freedom of an independent game studio, innovative and unique games are sure to come.