Every year since 2004, Canada Post has been handing out the Aboriginal Education Incentives Award to reward efforts to complete higher education programs and the efforts to improve life for one’s self and others.

This year, Canada Post selected 24 recipients for the $1000 prize. The award winners come from communities from British Columbia to the Maritimes provinces and all the way up to the arctic north. There was one recipient from Quebec in this year’s recipients list. Her name is Alicia Isaac, from the Listiguj Mi’gmaq First Nation in Gaspé.

The award is presented to any Aboriginal community member who, after being away from school for a minimum of 12 months, has returned and completed at least one year in an educational program. So if this sounds like you, then you need to go to the Canadapost.ca and send in your application. An extra thousand dollars to reward your efforts could be sweet.