While anyone who believes that Santa Claus is coming to bring them presents on Christmas Eve has no doubt already made their Christmas list a few times over by now, not everyone on your gift shopping list makes it as easy to get them something that will make them happy.

For that matter, in a world of mass consumerism, limitless online shopping and Crees travelling to major city centres on a regular basis, getting something for the guy or gal who has everything becomes increasingly harder year after year.

But, as always, the Nation has been able to get the skinny on what is hot this season, straight from of the mouth of the big man in red.

Whether its high-tech wonders, kitchen finery, the fanciest of Native fashions or just the right thing for out in the bush that your dearest would love, the Nation’s Christmas shopping guide once again has it all.

Tech gifts for anyone

If you think technology is the way to pleasing your special someone or if you just want to get Dad something cool to play with on Christmas morning, the tech world has had yet another bumper crop of gadgetry to offer up this holiday season.

If your beloved doesn’t have one yet or needs their first generation model replaced and you want to get them a big-ticket item, why not get them a tablet?

Sure the iPod might be the trendy item to own but when it comes down to it, there are many excellent tablets out there that can do the same job.

Take for example, the BlackBerry PlayBook with Wi-Fi available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB varieties, available at Future Shop, Best Buy and other retailers.

With some retailers advertizing prices starting at $200 for a 16GB model, with most other models going for about $300, this product is not only the latest generation of technology but perfect for web surfing, as a business aid and for some game play.

If you’re looking for hot tech toys for under $100, Best Buy has a wide range of marvels that are sure to bring on more than your average holiday smile. For example, the Sony Cyber-shot 12.1MP Digital Camera, in either red or black, is both a styling and highly efficient way to get pictures that are rife with clear, rich details.

Of course, if you want to give the gift of sound, Best Buy is also offering the Apple 2GB 4th Generation iPod for only $49.99. The tiny and efficient Shuffle is the perfect thing for the person on your list who loves to exercise to their favourite tunes or just listen to them while cleaning the house. For more info: www.bestbuy.ca/

But, if you’re looking for a fun and functional gadget that just about anyone can use and doesn’t break the bank, Canadian Tire has got a great buy with their Smart Products Wireless Key Finder. Ideal for the person who is always misplacing their keys, this compact wireless transmitter sends a locator signal to the misplaced key ring from up to 18 metres away to set off an alarm to help locate the keys. Going for only $14.99. For more info: www.canadiantire.ca.
Fashionable finds for the style conscious

While some folks are all about the toys, others are all about the apparel.

If Native designs are the key to your loved one’s happiness, look no further than Quebec’s very own Tammy Beauvais Designs! Featuring a wide selection of traditional and modern Native gear and accessories for men, women and children, Beauvais is the ultimate purveyor of exquisite Ribbon Shirts, traditional dancing outfits, coats, capes and so much more. Whether you’re looking for everyday apparel like hoodies, sports jackets, dress shirts, skirts and dresses with a Native twist or high-end items like formal attire of all varieties, Beauvais makes it all and happily ships the products to you through her online store. For more info: www.tammybeauvais.com

If, on the other hand, you are looking for high-end Native clothing with a bit more of a Haida theme, peruse West Coast-based Cree designer Dorothy Grant’s website to see if that one special item is something this Native designer has in store. Featuring Haida couture clothing for men and women, Grant’s garments are straight off the runway and can be shipped right to your community. For more info: www.dorothygrant.com

Of course, if you’re just looking for something more everyday for the man in your life but feel frustrated with the kinds of limited sizes available at your average retailers, look no further than M.H. Grover’s Big and Tall store. Featuring everything from athletic wear to suits, M.H. Grover is the place to shop either online or when you are visiting Montreal. Around since 1925, this family-run business offers quality clothing at the right price and excellent customer service so you know you’re getting the best the company has to offer. For more info: www.groversbigandtall.com

For the Galloping Gourmet on your list

Is there’s someone on your list who always has their nose in a cookbook, an eye glued to the Food Network or can’t stop talking about their latest kitchen experiment? Why not indulge them with one of these fine “foodie” finds:

The Keurig gourmet coffee-makers were all the rage last season and so if your coffee lover is all about preparing those barista-style coffee concoctions like the ones at the coffee shops, why not get them a Keurig brand cordless milk frother? This handy counter-top contraption makes perfect warm or frothed milk for lattes, cappuccinos, mokachinos and the likes. Available at retailers like Best Buy for $99.99, this fun kitchen item could allow you and the whole family having high-end coffees on Christmas morning. For more info: www.bestbuy.ca

If your special someone is all about putting those professional touches on a meal, Canadian Tire has the ultimate food-and-drink preparation tool that is not only incredibly versatile but can do just about anything in the way of food-and-drink processing. The new Ninja Master Prep Pro system features a 50-watt motor head that can be moved to attach on to one of three specialized blending containers that comes with each set, each geared at a different type of chopping or blending. See vegetables or meats chopped perfectly to your desire or ice cubes pulverized to slush in just an instant with this perfect kitchen companion! Exclusively at Canadian Tire for $69.99. For more info: www.canadiantire.ca

For the wine lover in the family, there is no better way to enhance your wine drinking experience than with the Vinturi Essential wine aerator. This sleek and highly efficient wine aerator can bring out the finer notes in any bottle of wine, enhancing the flavor and the wine drinking experience. Available at Amazon.ca for only $39.99, it is a great gift for the wine lover on your list. For more info: www.amazon.ca/

If you’re looking to give a foodie a chuckle on Christmas morning or you happen to have a Star Wars fan on your list, why not get them the this absolutely crazy Star Wars Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray? Sure it’s $29.99 and yes it’s a really campy throw back to the 1970s but it’s also the only way to get Han Solo in Carbonite floating in your beverages!!! For more info: www.amazon.ca/

Goodies for the bush(man)

If the hunter on your list is all about practicing his shot for his next hunting trip competing with his fellow community members to see who is handier with a rifle, the Champion Target Thrower Trap with Foot Release is the perfect gift item for hours and hours of target practice. Available at Canadian Tire, this target shooter allows you to shoot alone and can go from standard distance of 35 yards, to a maximum of 70 yards. A perfect gift for any hunter, this item retails for $149.99. For more info: www.canadiantire.ca

For the person in need of some heavy-duty gloves intended for those spending long days in the frigid bush, the people at Mountain Equipment Co-Op have just the ticket with the Black Diamond Virago Gloves. Made of stretch-woven nylon, these gloves feature a four-way stretch for good dexterity and comfort and also have supple goatskin leather on palms, backs of hands and fingertips for dexterity and durability. This quality item is available exclusively from MEC and retails for $97. For more info: www.mec.ca

For the hunter with a taste for fine, quality accessories, look no further than Recall Designs when it comes to getting him a luxury hunting call. Featuring hand-crafted duck calls, turkey yelpers, deer calls, crow calls, goose calls and predator calls, Rhéal Charlebois has been making these quality calls since 2000 and produces about 150 per year. Starting at about $125, these old-school calls are top-of-the-line and make incredible gifts. For more info: www.recalldesigns.com

An incredible gift for anyone

For the person who has absolutely everything under the sun or the individual who wants nothing more than to help those in need, UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is offering a great way to help needy and impoverished children around the world with their Survival Gifts. Whether you want to spend $10 to purchase a bed net to protect a child from malaria in Africa, $20 for pencils for a school or $100 to support a child who has been orphaned by AIDS, UNICEF is offering all sorts of gifts you can give to children who need them most. Once more, there are many, many, many options when it comes to giving these survival gifts as they can go to products relating to health, education, water, food, play and emergencies.

For more info: https://secure3.convio.net/uncfca/site/Ecommerce?store_id=1201&s_locale=en_CA

On behalf of the Nation, Happy Shopping!