Feedback: Don Burstick says, “you are a redskin if…”

Well, I can tell you I read “everything” in the Nation and I am not the only white man to do so. But if I say I end up reading the classifieds and I live in Cap-Rouge, then I say my 14 years travelling in the north begins to get to me. I am looking forward to reach out in the seat pocket of an AirCreebec plane seat and learn about Cree People.

I have been traveling to Creeland on a very regular basis for a couple of years now and I just wanted to tell you from my perspective how your magazine helps me understand and appreciate Crees. Your magazine talks and is meaningful. Everything says a lot, even the ads. It is interesting to see how advertisers talk to the Cree people. All columnists are excellent and straight forward, but no one can make me laugh like Neil Diamond (tears every time). It is a real enjoyable experience for me every time I read a new article from him. However, I cannot laugh and share the experience with people at the office, in my family, nor my friends, because they just cannot understand.

It is a nice and warm feeling to begin to sense what is Eeyou Istchee, and it is a real pleasure to read it from you guys!

Serge Simard

Civil Engineering Technologist

Bruser & Associate