You can tell the new year is here and the end of the fiscal year is coming. I hear news of money shortages and indeed a few reserves have had severe shortages all year round. Well have no fear, I’ve got a few ideas on generating cash and getting the non-Natives on our side, in no time at all.

It seems that you can legally adopt a non-Native and that person automatically gets full status under the Indian Act. Has anyone thought of the revenue-generating possibilities?

Say you were a rich powerful Canadian who hated to pay taxes, how much would it be worth to you not to pay taxes? $10,000, $50,000 or $100,000? And these new rich “Natives” would have to live on-reserve. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to live in the Third World housing currently available to Native people, so we could be looking at the added bonus of a housing boom!

Then there’s the fact that on-reserve businesses run by Natives are tax exempt. What an incentive to build a new economy in your community. Yes, you can help out your “people” and do good business at the same time! Look at what Native people would get: immigrants and new blood with lots of cash to inject into our economies giving them cash flow and employment
opportunities, taking more Natives off the welfare lists.

The new “Natives” would be able to leave their money to their children without the taxman knocking at the door because they would have status also. Yes, age doesn’t matter in the non-Native court adoption ceremony, so you could have a filthy rich 70-year-old son or daughter. A possible retirement colony on the reserve. Think of the government training and building programs you could tap into!

Now the average Canadian might get angry at this cozying up to the rich but once again I’ve got the solution. A National “Go Native” Lottery. At $10 a pop Canadians could enter the lottery, which would allow 10 non-Natives to be adopted a month. That’s only 120 a year but would serve to keep everyone happy. With the “Go Native” lottery the only problem would be dividing up the pot, finding adopters, etc. All problems I’m sure that could be overcome. After all there’s big bucks to be made giving the non-Native Native status.

Remember, adoption of a non-Native is all perfectly legal under the Indian Act!! Let the legal briefs begin! Adopt a non-Native today! Call 1-900-Go-Native for more information. ($10.99 for the first minute. $4.99 for each additional minute). Call now.