Whenever Cree people get together for one reason or another, there is a special feeling. A feeling which everyone from the youngest children to the elders feel. It is very hard to describe.

It’s one of those things which you have to be a part of to understand.

It is a feeling of mutual understanding and comraderie. People feeling good to be Cree.

Christopher Herodier Snowboy captured that essence in his new video entitled, Chiwaanaatihtaau Chitischiinuu. It was featured in the Native Film Festival last month in Montreal put on by Terres en vues a coalition of different Quebecers to bridge the gap of natives and non-natives.

The video starts with the journey of the Chisasibi Crees heading north to Great Whale. They were travelling to a gathering of Crees in Whapmagoostui in the summer of ’93. It was a gathering to mark the unwillingness of Cree and Inuit people to allow the destruction of the Great Whale.

Shot with Ernie Herodier’s keen eye and steady hand, the video beautifully captures the gathering and is interwoven with a great soundtrack throughout, featuring Joseph Rupert, Kenny Mianscum, Earl Danylukand Lloyd Cheechoo.

This video is a must for your collection. A momento of a historic gathering, it is sure to be remembered as such.

For your own copy your can get in touch with Chisasibi Eeyou Caravan at Box 251, Chisasibi, Quebec, JOM 1EO.