The king of the jungle roars for his food at Parc Safari in Hemmingford, QC.

Born on May 31st, 2003, the little king is the centre of attention displaying an abundance of cuteness. The little king must be handled like a newborn baby drinking formula from a bottle and establishing a bond with his human mother Sophie Robidoux, A protective mother, Sophie made us clean our hands with bacterial soap before we were allowed to pet

him. We heard him roar his complaints after being kept up past his usual after dinner nap.

Sophie is an experienced foster mother, having reared the king’s two sisters who were born last year. The young lionesses, Maish and Kiwanja are delightful to watch as they play like two kittens.

The king will be exhibited in the new Arche de Noé along with this year’s youngsters. Amongst other newcomers are the lovable baby wolves and alpacas. There are many new attractions at Parc Safari geared to our understanding of animals and insects in their habitats. The insectarium is very informative displaying a large collection of live insects. Your thoughts of who roams in the forests of Quebec will change! There are six new rides and more pools and camping too. Great place for a family to spend a day or two…Open until 10PM everyday! Half price from 16h00.